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Any occasion can be a FUN Vacation event! Why not make your Wedding, Family Reunion, Birthday Party, Marriage Renewal, Anniversary, Graduation, Church Social, Leadership Workshop, Sales Convention, Family Life Convention, School Reunion, Bible or Prayer Workshop, Singles Retreat, Couples Retreat, etc. a vacation event? Here are some benefits to a vacation planned by JADAR Travel & Cruise:

  • We take you to the fun!
  • New, exciting people to meet!
  • Food, deliciously prepared 24 hours every day!
  • A lifetime of travel experience in one trip!
  • You get your own exclusive group booking webpage
  • Exclusive updates for your guests.
  • Convenient monthly payment that fits in your budget!
  • Exclusive pre-vacation treatment
  • Personal service from your JADAR Travel Buddy!
  • The JADAR Vacation experience!
  • You will be hooked!

Request a quote for, or Create an individual, family or small group vacation (1 - 5 guests) or a Group vacation (5 and more guests) now by completing this convenient FREE, no obligation Vacation Request Form or click on the Group Vacation Request link.

NOTE: You can book a vacation anytime, but for best vacation planning and experience and for best rates (especially for larger groups), your vacation departure date should be about 6 months in the future at time of planning. Complete your survey now so we can help you to get the best vacation and travel deals, best prices and best opportunities. CLICK HERE or follow the link at right to complete your vacation request survey


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